Support For D-Link Router & Extender

D-Link was announced in 1986 but was publicly announced in 1994. Soon, it becomes the first networking company to provide not only network adapters, but also has turned into the leading manufacturer, developer and designer. Its enterprise products include routers, network cameras, firewalls whereas consumer products include consumer wireless devices, media players, storage, and surveillance cameras, broadband devices, and many more. There are many features of D-Link and we have analysed some of those features for you:

Despite of holding multiple features, every router can experience issues. There are multiple issues that user can experience while using D-Link router. If router issues are not resolved instantly, then user may face multiple other issues related to the work for which router was used. It may cause delay at your workplace. If you are facing an unstable Internet connectivity or when the router starts malfunctioning, you can reset your D-Link router. Resetting your router will change your settings to default and you need to configure it again. It is not an exceptional condition as most of the users do go through this phase depending on their preferences.

Some of the common issues user can face:

It looks easy for Technically advanced user to resolve these issues but for non-technical background it becomes a complicated task. If not resolved, then it becomes a miserable problem for them. Don’t worry!! Every problem has a solution.

You can contact your brand manufacturer for D-Link Router Customer Support or D-Link Router technical support. If you are covered under warranty, then they will not charge you anything and serve you for free.

If your problem is not solved with D-Link, then you can contact us. We have developed a platform at which you can resolve every D-Link Router related issue. We would be of great assistance to you. We have a well- educated and well-trained team which not only resolve your issues but also educates you about the problem so that you won’t face same issue in near distant future. Our support services are unmatched as our team members don’t keep you in queue and resolve your issues instantly.

You can contact us using multiple methods. You can chat with us at live chat support or you can also drop us a mail at . You can mention your issue briefly at chat or email. As soon as we receive your issue, our team will start working on it and pacify your issue and revert you back using the same communication platform. We work according to your flexibility, so you can contact us anytime, anywhere. We work 24*7 and ready to help you always.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open any of the available browsers on your computer.
  2. Type in URL tab.
  3. You would be redirected to Router Login Page.
  4. Type username as admin and Password as password. (NOTE: These credentials are case-sensitive)
  5. Search for Setup tab.
  6. Click on wireless settings.
  7. Add device using WPS.
  8. Choose manual method.
  9. This would show you router’s username and password.
  1. Open any of the browsers available on your PC.
  2. Type in URL tab.
  3. You would be prompted to Router Login page.
  4. Type username as admin and password as password.
  5. Check for setup tab> wireless settings.
  6. Configure new password over there and you can also change SSID over there.
  7. Apply changes.
  8. Save changes and Logout.
  1. Connect your wireless modem to internet line.
  2. Connect your computer and modem using ethernet cable.
  3. Wait for the modem’s light to turn solid and stable green.
  4. Open Internet Explorer and you will be redirected to Windstream for guidance of modem configuration.
  1. Open any of the browsers available on your computer.
  2. Type or on URL Tab.
  3. Enter username as admin and password as password. (NOTE: These credentials are case-sensitive)
  4. Search for Setup tab in left bar
  5. Click on Connection 1 inside that setup tab.
  6. There you will get ADSL configuration settings.
  7. Apply changes.
  8. Save changes.