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Are you facing consistent router issues? Does your router not connect to the Internet? Has the router setup/installation process become a headache for you? Are you facing issues with network coverage or speed? Does your router face intermittent wireless connection issues? At that point of time, the only solution for all of your network and router issues is us.

Our Support for Routers not only resolves all your network and router issues but also educates a user about the features of a router to its fullest. With the correct mixture of innovation and features, our Support Team has been offering premium router support for its clients in the USA and Canada for quite a long time. Consistently, many new clients are added to our family, alongside the satisfaction and service enhancement of our current clients.


Support For Netgear Router & Extender

Netgear is a U.S manufacturer company for computer networking equipment’s. Netgear Router provides various facilities such as networking, security and storage solutions without any cost of it.

Support For Linksys Router & Extender

One of the most dependable routers which will ensure that you get a strong network connectivity are those by Linksys. This company has a wide range of routers. The popular Linksys ...

Support For Belkin Router & Extender

Belkin is an American organization that deals with networking equipment’s. Belkin claims routers, Network switches, Range extenders and many more. Driven by clients' needs,

Support For D-Link Router & Extender

D-Link was announced in 1986 but was publicly announced in 1994. Soon, it becomes the first networking company to provide not only network adapters, but also has turned into the leading ...

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open any of the available browsers on your computer.
  2. Type in URL tab.
  3. You would be redirected to Router Login Page.
  4. Type username as admin and Password as password. (NOTE: These credentials are case-sensitive)
  5. Search for Setup tab.
  6. Click on wireless settings.
  7. Add device using WPS.
  8. Choose manual method.
  9. This would show you router’s username and password.
  1. Open any of the browsers available on your PC.
  2. Type in URL tab.
  3. You would be prompted to Router Login page.
  4. Type username as admin and password as password.
  5. Check for setup tab> wireless settings.
  6. Configure new password over there and you can also change SSID over there.
  7. Apply changes.
  8. Save changes and Logout.
  1. Connect your wireless modem to internet line.
  2. Connect your computer and modem using ethernet cable.
  3. Wait for the modem’s light to turn solid and stable green.
  4. Open Internet Explorer and you will be redirected to Windstream for guidance of modem configuration.

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